Basically, the amount of different wedding themes can seem overwhelming but I love the way a couple can add their own touches to make their day unique. Part of the fun of going to weddings is looking at all the small things because you know that someone has invested a ton of time into it. Each wedding detail is important for wedding photographer Merida that will capture all beautiful moments.

One of my favorite types of weddings that seem extremely popular right now is the “barn” wedding. I’ve been to one with a separate building with gorgeous bathrooms to one with a port-o-potty on wheels. Both of which, by the way, were decorated beautifully. The barn weddings were held during the spring and summer season making it gorgeous weather for the barn doors to remain ajar and give you the feeling of sitting outside. One of the great things about having any type of wedding at that time of year is the availability of fresh flowers that won’t break the bank.

One wedding was decorated with different chalkboards that let guests see the menu and the seating chart and were quite charming. A very touching tribute was made on haystacks with pictures of the friends and family members that were no longer with us. I know that some people think a barn wedding can seem a little like a hoedown but really they can be quite elegant and fun.

Another wedding that is always popular for the beach lovers is saying your I do’s on the sand facing the ocean. There is a lot of trust in Mother Nature for this choice but it is absolutely an ideal locale. The wedding I had the pleasure of going to was beautifully decorated with shells and a beautiful array of seafood for the appetizer hour. I’m fairly sure I was slightly pink from the amount of shrimp I consumed! The bride and groom worked with a mixologist to come up with a drink they named just for their special day. That’s a fantastic idea to maybe save a little in the cost of an open bar. During this wedding, it was the season when the turtles lay their eggs on the beach so they weren’t allowed to have the large lights on at the beach. During the mother son dance, it was a beautiful moment as everyone held their cell phone flashlights on around the two.