Heading Inside

As for hall weddings or weddings held at a venue I have to say the number one thing I end up remembering is the music. I’ve seen some great bands and some amazing dj’s that make you think you’re listening to all your favorites then and now. There is nothing better than music that gets the guests involved. For a lot of the guests, this is their night out to celebrate the couple and they want to have fun and dance like crazy too! Who hasn’t ended up watching a wedding video or two where Uncle Frank is doing the limbo or Aunt Mary is leading the macarena? It’s the best!

A home wedding is another alternative for smaller groups and I’ve been to a few where it was so different and fun I had hoped more of my friends and family would give it a go. At one home wedding, we played board games and there was a volleyball match that got quite competitive in the backyard. It was an incredibly relaxed atmosphere that really seemed intimate as everyone shared their stories of the couple. The house was beautifully decorated for the occasion and home cooked food and desserts really helped to make it especially memorable.

Now I don’t normally say I had a favorite wedding because they are all special but I love Christmas weddings. There is something about the decorations and the festivity of the season already that makes it so great. The wedding I went to was held in an old wooden lodge with a fireplace the size of a small car. The decor was evergreens and red ribbon everywhere you looked, not at all tacky. The smells of pine and deep fried brie ball appetizers with raspberry dipping sauce left a real mark on my memory. The bride in her white dress seemed to flow through the room like a Christmas angel and the groom looked like he jumped right off the cake. It really was dazzling.

The bottom line is it doesn’t really matter what you chose for your wedding as long as it really tells a story about you as a couple. Another important question is how to find a wedding photographer who can create a beautiful wedding photo gallery? Find a wedding photographer in your area based on good reviews. I truly believe the closer a couple stays to what they truly love the more this will be represented to their guests. It’s exciting to be a part of a couple’s beginning in life and such great fun to celebrate in different ways.